EYES OPEN, curated by Rose Jaffe: Dec, 2018
to Dec 20

EYES OPEN, curated by Rose Jaffe: Dec, 2018

EYES OPEN: DC Artists in Real Time

curated by and featuring work by Rose Jaffe


Dec 14th 2018 - Jan 20th 2019

“EYES OPEN: DC Artists in Real Time” aims to shed light on artists living and working in the nation's capital today. As the city moves through rapid change, artists remain a critical lense; reflecting on the expansion, growth and subsequent loss experienced by the people and places of our communities.  Seven artists use their mediums to express direct messages of political dissent, explore experiences of their personal lives in the city and/or use process in which creating the art is a meditation of escape. With rising rent and studio space costs, DC artists can feel squeezed in their own home, creating tension that shows in their work whether intentional or not.

This work most often plays with identity, specifically portraiture. Capturing bodies and faces that reflect themselves, or more playfully celebrate tough realities is a way to add their voices and subvert mainstream narratives too often seen in the arts. “EYES OPEN” reflects on how these artists see themselves in the greater context of living in a city with such national and global attention. At times some local artists feel conflicted with the reality of living in the shadow of internationally recognized institutions like the Smithsonian, whose collections - though stunning - at times fall short of reflecting the direct artist communities that surround them. The voices, visuals and and existence of DC artists are crucial to preserve, support and foster as the city around us continues to evolve.

Of course this is a mere fraction of the vibrating artists community in the nation’s capital.

It is imperative to continue to provide space and resources to our cities creatives amidst such rapid change, and to foster artistic expression from a young age. These artists use their voices, paints, photographs, found materials and digital tools to communicate a critical story. We cherish our city and are dedicated to maintaining and upholding the artists here today and working towards preserving a place for tomorrow.

All the artists involved with this show are local and accept commissions. You can find them:

Marie Amegah @open27hours

Absurdleywell @absurdleywell

Esteban Whiteside @esteban.gallery

Ann Gill @annlgill

Jordan Sanders @jordanhamlettsanders

Rose Jaffe @rose_inks

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Merry-go-Round, Kate Pumphrey: Feb 2019
to Feb 1

Merry-go-Round, Kate Pumphrey: Feb 2019

Katie Pumphrey -


Watch her ARTIST VIDEO HERE, produced by Sense Gallery.


Merry-go-round is a solo exhibition that features all new works by Katie Pumphrey, including paintings, collages, and a site-specific installation that will evolve over the course of the exhibition. Pumphrey’s work explores the tension between chaos and calm. Crisp edges and quiet shapes are at a constant tug-o-war with playful movement and vibrating color. With turbulent brushstrokes and the suggestion of imagery, her work examines themes of reflex, confrontation, territory, and instinct.

Merry-go-round explores the familiar and constant teeter-totter between control and chaos. We feel steady, level-headed, comfortable — and then something shifts, and we scramble to grab the wheel. The floor keeps spinning. We blink through blurriness, fight the dizziness, and move to find our footing. Again, the meter resets. We ping-pong between these moments, time and time again. It’s a dance we know the moves to, a game of repetition we constantly play. Again and again, we ease the tension and harness the commotion. Over and over and over again, we get on and off the carousel.

Opening Reception: Feb 2, 6-9pm / Installation Performance: Feb 9, 2-6pm / Closing Reception: Thurs Feb 28, 6-9pm



Katie Pumphrey is an artist living and working in Baltimore, MD.  Through large-scale painting and installation, Katie Pumphrey’s work explores the tension between calm and chaos. Crisp edges and quiet shapes are at a constant teeter totter with playful movement and vibrating color. With turbulent brushstrokes and the suggestion of imagery, her work examines themes of reflex, territory, and instinct.

Katie has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art.  She has participated in artist residencies at the Studios of Key West, Vermont Studio Center, Gallery Four, and the Creative Alliance in Baltimore. Her work has been exhibited nationally, including solo exhibitions in Baltimore, Washington DC, Alexandria, and Key West. Katie is also a long distance, open water swimmer — who swam the English Channel in 2015, around the island of Manhattan in 2017, and the Catalina Channel in 2018. Those three swims make up the Triple Crown of open water swimming, adding Katie to a elite group of open water swimmers from around the world. This aspect of her life often influences and drives her work.

Follow her process, practice, and new works on instagram




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