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Group Exhibition: Quietly Powerful, curated by Jenny Wu


Wombs by Amanda Muhlena Hays (apple core in plaster)

Midnight in the Artic by Noel Kassewitz (to the left)

Opening Reception: Sat., March 9th 6-9pm

The internet is full of loud, attention-grabbing, exaggerated content aimed at clicks. In our culture, extroversion, socialization, and charisma are considered the key ingredients for 'success.' However, introverts can be just as powerful; as a matter of fact, introverts have been responsible for some of the greatest achievements in history: Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Gandhi, and Steve Wozniak.  Quietly Powerful features works that might be small in size but send a compelling message; works that may be easily overlooked due to its nature, but has a forceful nature within.

  • Jenny Wu : DC Artist, Educator and Curator

Featuring work from: 

Nicole Ida Fossi * Lauren Bechelli * Sarah Caporaletti * Abbey Hepner * Trenton Jung * Gini Holmes *Paula Campbell * Christopher Bridges * Beth McCoy * Michelle Varga * Raoul Pacheco * Jenny Balisle * Chris Revelle * Ruth Lozner * Julia Bloom * Tory Cowles* Noel Kassewitz* Mills Brown * Louisa Neill* Neal Schlosburg * Alexandra Giannell * Christine Chin* Dagmara Bugaj * Katie Morris * Dianne Szczepaniak * Amanda Muhlena Hays * WInnie Vander Rijn * Eleanor Sabine * Leslie Getz * Kate Gorman * Timothy Magenta * Robin Downing

Earlier Event: February 28
Merry-go-Round Closing Event
Later Event: March 9
Quietly Powerful Opening