Artist Talk: Amy Hughes Braden
5:30 PM17:30

Artist Talk: Amy Hughes Braden

Artist Talk by Amy Hughes Braden, with Jordan Amirkhani

Jordan Amirkhani is an art historian, critic, curator, and educator based in Washington, DC, where she serves as a Professorial Lecturer in Global Modern and Contemporary Art History at American University. Jordan received her PhD in the History and Philosophy of Art from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom in 2015 and has held academic posts at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga and Canterbury Christchurch University in the UK as well as curatorial positions at The Royal Academy in London, England and The Phillips Collection in Washington, DC. Her work on contemporary art and artists working in the American Southeast garnered her a prestigious Creative Capital/Andy Warhol Foundation “Short-Form” Writing Grant in 2017 and three nominations for The Rabkin Prize in Arts Journalism in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

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OPENING: Where It is
6:00 PM18:00

OPENING: Where It is

Opening Event for partner exhibition by Lee Nowell-Wilson and Madeline Stratton.

Where We Find It, features work by DMV artists, Lee Nowell-Wilson and Madeline A. Stratton, and focuses on actions, memories, and labor in domestic spaces. Stratton’s work looks at a time and place we can’t return to, while Nowell-Wilson’s wrestles with how the domestic space and it’s roles actively mold us. 

In Stratton’s work, tessellation-shaped panels with stretched fabric, and painted wood resemble rooms made up of strange puzzle pieces. The walls slant in and out coming from multiple vantage points, while bright color and pattern give a specificity of memory. Cut outs in the wood reveal objects of daily ritual both contained and memorialized. 

Nowell-Wilson’s work utilizes domestic objects as well as her own body as metaphors for expressing physical stretching, overload, anxiety, exhaustion, and other emotional undertones of motherhood. The large charcoal and graphite drawings are beautifully and tightly rendered, with delicate lines and soft realism. Piles of laundry become both waves you could drown in, and masks that bring in humor and speak to the “ironic opposites” often encountered in the daily tasks and exertion around mothering. 

Where We Find It is open from July 28th to September 1st at Sense Gallery.

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Matt Storm & Eames Armstrong: A Bloom is a Blur
to Jun 30

Matt Storm & Eames Armstrong: A Bloom is a Blur

A Bloom is A Blur, a two-person show with art by Eames Armstrong and Matt Storm, engages with concepts of blur. A blur happens in action- neither a start, an end, nor a linear journey. A blur is an expanse of possibility. A blur can undo boundaries, and provide space for growth, change, and in-betweenness to be recognized and celebrated. This show mines the generative value of liminality itself.

On View: June 11th - June 30th, 2019
Opening: Thursday, June 13th,  7-9pm

Closing: Saturday, June 29th, 7-9pm

In Partnership with ClickDC Festival

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Solo Exhibition: Jeremy Jirsa
to Apr 27

Solo Exhibition: Jeremy Jirsa

Jirsa’s work explores themes of isolation, self-medication, and depression, ultimately offering a perspective of Tourette's Syndrome (TS) through a facade of perceived reality. Living with TS involves chronic pain, and at times, being unable to function due to extreme ticking, leaving a TS sufferer to feel like a prisoner in his or her own body. Consequently, the emotional states necessary to navigate TS are, at the very least, complex.

Through his work, Jirsa's goal is to explore the psychological space that is integral to the experience of TS itself within the internal and external environment of a TS sufferer's being. Many of the paintings have been created during TS episodes and these episodes have become part of the process. The pain TS sufferers experience is usually suppressed and hidden. TS sufferers cannot necessarily control tics, but at times can fight to suppress them in order to hide what is truly happening until they physically can no longer suppress tics and have to release everything that has been boiling underneath the surface. The surface of the paintings becomes a facade and a stand in for the body, creating an externalization of a TS sufferer's psychological space and mental process. The work explores the dichotomy between facing inward aspects of the self that may be too hard to deal with while simultaneously keeping and maintaining outward composure.

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EYES OPEN: DC Artists in Real Time
to Jan 19

EYES OPEN: DC Artists in Real Time

Come celebrate the opening of Sense Gallery, Dec 14th 7-9pm with the opening of our first group exhibition, “EYES WIDE OPEN: DC Artists in Real time” Curated by DC artist, Rose Jaffe.


-Rose Jaffe @rose_inks 

-Jordan Hamlett Sanders @jordanhamlettsanders 

-Stephen Whiteside -  

-Ann Gill - @annlgill

-Marie Amegah - @open27hours 

-Marcus - @absurdleywell 

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